The perfect Home Cinema


Many of us are used to the big screen experience, whether at the movies or a friend’s house, so it’s no surprise that more people than ever are excited at the prospect of including a home cinema as part of their home projects.

Sound & Image can help you ‘fill’ a dedicated room with the best audio visual equipment to deliver all of this entertainment – somewhere the family can come together and take an evening to unwind from their busy lifestyles.

As a Home Cinema, it’s vital you get everything right when it comes to the equipment. Decide on a suitable sized TV or even a projector. You don’t have to choose a humongous screen for effect – make sure it is in proportion to the room, and where you will be seated. Once you’ve decided on the screen, it’s time to move on to the next vital element of the home cinema experience – the SOUND.

Our Home Cinema suggestions -

Receiver –

Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1070

7.2-channel home theater receiver with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, MusicCast, and Dolby Atmos®

If you love movies as much as you love music, you need a receiver that lets you get the most out of both. Yamaha's AVENTAGE RX-A1070 has plenty of cutting-edge features, backed by expert construction for exceptional performance and high-quality sound. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X bring movie soundtracks to life with incredible realism. This receiver lets you enjoy 4K Blu-rays and streaming content on up to two compatible displays. The RX-A1070 can play different high-resolution audio formats through the front-panel USB port or from a networked computer. And if you're into vinyl, a phono input provides an easy connection for your turntable.

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Floorstanding Loudspeaker –
Bowers & Wilkins 684 S2

The 684 S2 floorstanders will be easy to integrate into any room. At 160mm wide, they’re slimmer than previous incarnations, which will be a blessing if space is tight, while their classic straight lines, painted baffles and black grilles provide the right blend of elegance and neutrality. The 684 S2 offers an amazing combination of floorstander power, audio performance and unbeatable value.

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Subwoofer -

Bowers & Wilkins ASW610xp

The subwoofer offers more customisation than most others, allowing you to find the right bass balance and compensate for resonant rooms. There are volume controls for line and speaker inputs and low-pass frequency control, plus switches for low-pass filter Bass Extension, EQ and phase. Inputs include speaker level binding posts and left/right line-level inputs. Ultra-solid construction delivers slamming bass, drum kicks, and special movie effects. Deformation is minimised; bass precision, power and enjoyment are maximised.

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Centre Channel –

Bowers & Wilkins HTM61 S2

The perfect partner for the 684 S2 in a commanding home theatre system, this true three-way centre speaker features two 6.5-inch drivers, an FST midrange and a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. The perfect partner for the 683 S2 in a commanding home theatre system, this true three-way centre speaker features two 6.5-inch drivers, an FST midrange and a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter.

The HTM61 S2 features a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter, ideal for delivering the clarity needed for dialogue. The double dome enhances rigidity without adding weight, for a more precise response, while decoupling the tweeter from the main enclosure removes unwanted resonances and vibration. The result is absolutely clear.

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In-ceiling speakers –

Bowers and Wilkins CCM663 6inch In Ceiling Speaker

The Bowers & Wilkins CCM663 in-ceiling speaker was built to blend in with surroundings while playing standout sound. This high performance speaker features an innovative design for enhancing frequency reproduction. The thin frame and elegant appearance, make it suitable for any room. The bass/midrange driver’s die-cast chassis provides extra rigidity which results in a cleaner, faster bass, and a three-position EQ switch for a better off-axis response. The Kevlar cone is well hidden behind the grille but still produces a remarkably clear and dynamic sound.

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To get the best possible home theatre equipment, you need to stick with the best brands in the industry. The right audio visual equipment make all the difference, taking the room from a normal lounge TV viewing to an awesome cinematic experience. Pop in to S&I and let us help you make sure you make quality investments to stand the test of time, this will ensure you have a home cinema worth spending time in.