Classé Sigma 2200i Stereo Integrated Amplifier


USB & network streaming HDMI 2.0 switching Bass management Touchscreen control

By keeping digital signals digital all the way to the amplifier output filter, Classé shortens the signal path, avoids losses and eliminates Digital-to-Analogue converters and analogue-to-Digital converters as well as their associated analogue circuits.

That’s the secret to the powerful performance/price ratio delivered by the exciting Sigma 2200i Stereo Integrated Amplifier.

It all translates to better sound for the price.

As an integrated amplifier, the new Classé Sigma 2200i combines preamp and power amp functions in a single chassis, adding features like USB and Network streaming, HDMI 2.0 switching and bass management to accommodate the evolving needs of a modern hi-fi system.

The Classé touchscreen control provides features like digital domain Tone Control, 9-band PEQ per channel and flexible bass management. IP control includes Android and iOS apps.

And in performance terms, the new 2200i leverages the technical and performance advantages of Classé’s Sigma series separates to punch seriously above its weight class.

What’s special is that direct digital connection between the preamp section and the amplifier, which eliminates losses by removing digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital conversions from the signal path.

The unique rack-mount solution introduced in the original Sigma series models, contained in the design of the side panels, is retained in the Sigma 2200i. Simply remove the sides, rotate and flip them, then reattach to position rack ears for rack-mounting. No kits to order—everything you need is right there on the unit.

The Sigma 2200i is a compelling product that further broadens and enhances the Classé Sigma series. Its convenient and efficient Sigma series package is ideally suited to a stereo integrated amplifier. Performance, connectivity, unique features and loads of power are available at a compelling price. That pretty well sums up the 2200i and the entire range of Sigma series components.

Our Verdict - The Sigma 2200i is a compelling product, with performance, connectivity, unique features and loads of power all at a compelling price. A 200W stereo integrated amplifier… with benefits.