Monitor Audio SB-3 One Box LCR Speaker System


The SB-3 from Monitor Audio has been designed to offer the convenience of a typical soundbar – easy installation, less clutter and discrete appearance whilst still giving customers the performance and flexibility of a complete AV system.

The SB-3 is custom-built for screen sizes above 60" and features three separate driver arrays for front left, centre and front right channels, all in a single stylish cabinet. The important centre channel section includes twin C-CAM bass drivers, twin ABRs (Auxiliary Bass Radiators) and a single C-CAM tweeter to help provide the SB-3 with higher acoustic output and power handling. The left and right sections each employ individual mid-bass, tweeter and sealed ABR drivers.

Braced for maximum rigidity and further strengthened by Monitor Audio’s innovative bolt-through driver mountings, the SB-3’s high-density cabinet is finished with an acoustically transparent cloth and capped at either end with stylish brushed aluminium finials for a beautifully discreet designer look that will complement the style of any flat screen display.
High quality, low profile terminals are recessed to facilitate flush-to-wall installation (when using the optional low profile wall mount bracket) allowing for easy cable access, pre-alignment and fixing. Integrated Silicon feet provide a secure, stable base should you want to sit the SB-3 on top of a cabinet or shelf.

It is also very easy to upgrade the SB-3 to a full 5.1 home theatre system simply by adding an active subwoofer and a pair of rear speakers – choose from on-wall, in-ceiling or floorstanding models to complement your decor.

Technology –

  • Individual C-CAM® (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) bass/mid driver for left and right channels, twin drivers for the centre channel
  • C-CAM gold dome tweeters per channel
  • Individual Auxiliary Bass Reflex (ABR) for left and right channels, twin ABRs for the centre channel
  • Three separate driver arrays for left, centre, right channels in a single cabinet
  • Optional dedicated wall bracket
  • Integrated Silicon feet provide a secure cabinet-top mounting alternative.

To find out more or to hear the SB-3 in action please visit one of our S&I showrooms.

Monitor Audio SB-3 LCR Speaker System – specifications –

Frequency Response (-3dB)
80Hz – 30kHz
Sensitivity (1W@1M)
Left & Right Channels 84dB
Centre Channel 87dB
Nominal Impedance
8 Ohms
Power Handling Single (RMS)
Left & Right Channels: 40w
Centre Channel: 80w
System Power Handling (RMS)
100W (High pass filter set to 100Hz
Recommended Amp Requirements
30 - 100W
Recommended High Pass Crossover Frequency
80 - 120Hz
Maximum SPL (dBA)
104 (108.8 all channels driven)
Bass Alignment
Left & Right Channels 2 x Auxiliary Bass Reflex 
(ABR) Loading 
Centre Channel 2 x Auxiliary Bass Reflex (ABR) Loading
Drive Unit Complement
Left & Right Channels: 2 x 4” (100mm) C-CAM cone 
bass/mid driver, 2 x 1” (25mm) C-CAM gold dome 
tweeter. Centre Channel: 2 x 4” (100mm) C-CAM cone 
bass/mid driver, 1 x 1” (25mm) C-CAM gold dome tweeter.
Cabinet Dimensions (H x W x D)
145 x 1310 x 89mm
External Dimensions Inc Bracket (H x W x D)
145 x 1310 x 100mm