Rotel A-10 Integrated Amplifier


Sometimes it's best to strip a product back to the fundamentals, and the A-10 is definitely one of those products. The A-10 offers 40 Watts per channel, four analogue line level inputs, a phono input, a front media player input and a headphone output. If you are considering taking your first step into a true hi-fi system or are seeking a small, high quality audio system then the A10 integrated amplifier could be perfect for you.

Traditional integrated amplifier controls including bass, treble and balance will feel comfortable and intuitive to every user. The A-10 is no lightweight however. It's a serious high performer that benefits from our efforts dedicated towards optimising the audio electronics for the reproduction of music. The A-10 brings a clarity and effortless dynamism to music that belies both its modest ambitions and price. Its design strips away added features that increase the overall cost and can detract from your musical enjoyment.

Simple to operate and a pleasure to listen to, the A10 has connectivity for all your listening sources including an analogue media input (3.5mm mini-jack) for iOS devices or other media players, a CD input, a MM phono input in case your taste runs to vinyl, a Tuner input to listen to your favourite radio stations and two Aux inputs for other analogue source devices. Its straightforward operation is refreshing and its performance is a pleasure to listen to.

Key Features
·      Rated power 40 Watts per channel
·      MM Phono Input (Moving Magnet)
·      5 Pair analogue input including Tuner input
·      Pre-out Pair
·      High Current Power Supply
·      Class AB Amplifier Design
·      3.5 mm mini-jack input (other media player)
·      2 x 12 Volt trigger out

S&I Verdict - The A10 is simple to operate with maximum performance for the price. A sure winner for those looking for a simple analogue amplifier. 

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To demo the Rotel A10 please contact –

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