Bowers & Wilkins CI 700 Series custom installation speakers - Heard, but not seen.


CI 700 Series speakers provide the maximum performance in the minimum amount of space. Bowers & Wilkins renowned sonic performance is coupled with key new technologies including fully engineered baffles, integrated back boxes and a unique retro-fittable design. The ability to mix and match with the acclaimed CT700 Series brings the cinema experience to more homes.

Bowers & Wilkins is proud of the CI 700 Series: a range of speakers that heralds a revolution in custom installation sound quality. The CI 700 Series has been developed for customers that demand the very best in music and home theatre performance, but don’t necessarily have the space to install a full Custom Theatre system.

Easily retrofitted into existing wall and ceiling spaces, the range has utilised many of the technologies found in the highly regarded CT700 series. Key technologies include the use of Kevlar™ drive units, Flowport™ for improved bass and Matrix™ stiffening. As with all Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers, the series is also the result of extensive listening to ensure the best possible audio performance.

Sound quality is key to the CI 700 Series, and Bowers & Wilkins’ team of engineers wanted to retain as much control over this crucial element as possible. To this end the back box has been fully integrated into the speaker for the first time. The enclosure is constructed from a single moulding of glass reinforced ABS, and also incorporates Matrix™ stiffening to provide an incredibly rigid structure. This enhances the sound quality but also limits the transmission to adjacent spaces. The speakers have been further strengthened by the incorporation of a curved back.

Constructed of a two-part system, all CI 700 speakers can be fitted with ease: the frame/enclosure is fitted into the cut-out first and secured, then the baffle is installed into the frame. All the speakers in the range can also be easily retrofitted into existing wall spaces as long as they are hollow. Because retrofitting speakers can cause a reduction in volume, Bowers & Wilkins have developed a hinged reservoir box that can be attached to either side of the back box on the in-wall models, in order to increase the internal volume and therefore enhance the sound. Wall models have also been provided with Flowport™ to increase efficiency and output, and performance across the range is further enhanced by Nautilus™ tube-loaded tweeters, powerful motor systems and high quality crossover components. The in-wall models boast Mundorf capacitors and both the CWM7.3 and CCM7.3 models also utilise an FST™ mid-range driver.

The baffles of the CI 700 Series have been ‘critically formed’ with smooth surfaces to minimise diffraction. Set at 45°, the baffle on the ceiling models directs sound down into the room, while a scallop underneath the tweeters on all models provides the perfect response for high frequencies.

Every effort has been made to make the speaker as unobtrusive as possible. The in-ceiling models sit very flat on the ceiling surface for a remarkably discreet appearance. Furthermore the magnetic grilles on all models sit in the edge of the frame for a tight fit to the wall surface. Under the grille, the black enclosure houses dark blue Kevlar cones and black soft dome tweeters to ensure that the speakers can be heard but not seen.

Bringing the excitement of cinema into more homes, the CI 700 Series integrates seamlessly with the CT700 Custom Theatre range where wall and ceiling space is an issue. Their compact design means that both speaker ranges can be combined in order to make the most efficient use of space available. And not only does the CI 700 Series provide stunning performance in a theatre set up, it also provides stunning hi-fi sound reproduction.
In-ceiling models
CCM7.5 (match with CT7.5)                           
CCM7.4 (match with CT7.4)
CCM7.3 (match with CT7.3)

In-wall models
CWM7.5 (match with CT7.5)
CWM7.4 (match with CT7.4)
CWM7.3 (match with CT7.3)

The Custom Installation range features a wide variety of loudspeakers, all with one thing in common - they can be made virtually invisible. Perfect for when you want to hear fantastic sound, but not see great speakers. Visit us at in Menlyn, Pretoria or Sandton, Johannesburg to experience the Custom Installation range in action.
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