Newest Products from Mcintosh


One of the world’s oldest and most respected brands of high-end performance audio equipment, McIntosh, is now available from Sound & Image. We pride ourselves in offering our clients the best value and performance products from entry-level to ultra high-end and we feel McIntosh will fit into our brand offering perfectly. The iconic, all-American brand boasts an almost cult-like following amongst audiophiles the world over due to its reputation for producing audio systems and equipment that provide unparalleled audio quality and durability. Here are some new products to look forward to.

The D150 digital stereo preamplifier expands McIntosh’s digital music capabilities by supporting many of the newest digital audio formats such as DSD and DXD. A USB input accepts up to 32-bit/384kHz signals and supports DSD64, DSD128, DXD 352.8kHz and DXD 384kHz. Two coaxial and two optical inputs accept up to 24-bit/192kHz signals. It is a simple solution to add the latest digital music formats to your existing system.

The MC152 and MC301 Amplifiers

The McIntosh MC152 stereo amplifier delivers 150 watts of power into two channels, while the MC301 monoblock amplifier delivers 300 watts into a single channel. With these two models, the range of renowned McIntosh amplification has been expanded to lower options, offering a greater choice to fit your individual audio needs. Both offer a space saving 6” tall chassis, allowing them to fit where larger models can’t. While they may be physically smaller than our other amplifiers, they still contain all the technology McIntosh is known for and will perform to the same high standards as any of our amps.

Intimately experience the legendary McIntosh sound with the MHP1000 headphones. The MHP1000 headphones have the same superior sound characteristics as McIntosh speakers and will envelop you in your music. The smooth, full bodied, non-fatiguing response is easy to listen to and allows you to hear new facets of your favourite songs. Outside noise and distractions are isolated by the closed headphone design, fostering a fully immersive personal listening experience.

We are really excited after hearing the McIntosh products so far, as well as the vast range of products the brand has on offer. Give us a call to come and audition some of these great products. We know you’ll be as impressed as we are.

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