Marantz SR7009 wins with AVForums


Marantz introduced their flagship AV receiver, the SR7009, into the market towards the end of 2014, and it has become one of our favourites, and our customers, for a number of its’ features and it smooth sonic abilities. We’ve been thoroughly impressed by it’s performance and have further testimony of it’s prowess when AVForums put it up against a couple of rival receivers to see just how well it performs. We’ve taken a few highlights from their article:

“It’s business as usual around the back as well, with both the Pioneer and Yamaha sporting more connections than you could possibly need. This is an area where Marantz have shown some common sense, eliminating many legacy inputs that most people just won’t use, simplifying the layout and making the speaker terminals easier to access by putting them all in one line.”

“In terms of the most useful connection - HDMI - the Marantz also wins, with eight inputs and three outputs. The Yamaha comes second with eight inputs and two outputs and the Pioneer picks up the rear with seven inputs and three outputs. Both the Marantz and the Yamaha have built-in WiFi, along with included antenna to boost reception if necessary, and they connected to our network with ease.”

“All three receivers include a remote control but once again Marantz has shown some initiative by trying to simplify the remote, making it easier to use. It’s also comfortable to hold and includes a backlight, which is handy in a darkened room.”

“The Marantz and Yamaha both include built-in WiFi and setup was very quick and easy”

“All three receivers were setup using their built-in auto-calibration features and all three come with microphones for this purpose. Continuing an overall trend, Marantz have sought to simplify their setup process and the wizard they have created is informative and easy to follow, even for a novice. They also include a quick to assemble cardboard stand for the microphone, in case the user doesn’t have a tripod”

“The Marantz created a subtle and quite sophisticated sound when it came to movie soundtracks; whilst the Audyssey processing worked very effectively, creating a wonderfully cohesive soundstage. The surrounds were tonally matched with the front three speakers, resulting in effective panning and localisation of effects. The bass was also well integrated and regardless of whether we were listening to 5.1 or 7.1 surround mixes the results were equally as impressive. Whilst the front soundstage remained open and the surrounds were immersive, we were glad to find that the centre channel was always clear with well defined dialogue.”

“The Marantz handled two-channel music extremely well, with an open soundstage but also a refinement to the overall audio that was unusual in an AV product. As is often the case, the most effective results were gained by running the Marantz in its Pure Direct two-channel mode without the subwoofer, although if you prefer to use your sub with music that also works very well. Aside from streaming music from our nertwork and via Bluetooth, we also tried through USB and AirPlay and, overall, the Marantz delivered excellent results. Where possible we try to keep the resolution of our music as high as possible but we did find that the Marantz could be surprisingly sympathetic to heavily compressed sources.”

“All three receivers performed extremely well in our tests but there can only be one winner and the group test award goes to the Marantz SR7009. The design was attractive and the build quality good, although perhaps not quite as solid as the other two. However Marantz had clearly thought about important aspects such as menu systems, connections, remote controls and easy setup. There was built-in WiFi, Bluetooth and excellent file support; whilst the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room equalisation software was very effective and the SR7009 can process up to eleven channels.”

“The Marantz was very impressive when it came to all the main surround sound formats including Dolby Atmos. The sound field was well defined and immersive whilst bass was nicely integrated. Unusually for an AV receiver, the Marantz also retained a pleasant musical quality with two-channel audio.”

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