Denon 2015 AV receiver lineup


Denon’s 2015 AV receiver lineup is complete and add major upgrades to its In-Command AVR Series. New features include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the latest 4K video processing and a whole lot more. Here’s a quick rundown of what Denon’s new toys have to offer.

Firstly, the entry-level AVR-X1100 is upgraded from 5 to 7 x 80W per channel for 2015. This new model adds wireless connectivity for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as multi-room functionality allowing different audio sources to be played in 2 different areas simultaneously. The latest version HDMI 2.0 is now supported to take advantage of the latest 4K video pass through, which is almost unheard of at this pricepoint.
Users can access content from their devices over both DLNA and Airplay, and onboard music streaming for with Spotify Connect, Sirius FM and Pandora. Other features include 6 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output, and playback of multiple hi-res file formats including DSD, AIFF, FLAC, and ALAC, topping out at 192kHz/24bit resolution. In addition come stalwarts to the In-Command series such as the Audyssey MultiEQ XT auto-calibration system, control through Denon’s In-Command app, and 3D video pass through.

Next up, the AVR-X2100 gives you all of the AVR-X1100 features with more punch. The AVR-X2100 provides 95 watts per channel, as well as 4K upscaling of both Standard and HD video content, 8 HDMI inputs, and 2 HDMI outputs to take care of all of your connection needs. In addition, Denon is boasting strong video support for the higher rung of its lineup, including ISF certification for smoother video upscaling, adding even more accuracy to the unit’s powerful video processing.

Stepping up to the AVR-X3100W, you get all of the new features of its smaller siblings, but now Audyssey’s Gold package is added for a plethora of DSP and calibration features to digitally tune your system to its max potential. Power for each of the X3100W’s seven channels jumps up to 105 watts, and the system offers full video and audio pass-through to a second zone for dual-room entertaining. Also, it features a full 7.2 channel preamp output system, allowing users to run the system through separate amplification.

Next up, the AVR-X4100W steps up to 125W for its 7 channels, and now features the latest Dolby Atmos audio processing for an enveloping 3D surround sound experience. Audyssey’s auto-calibration is upgraded to the MultEQ XT32 (PRO) version as well as 9-channel DTS Neo:X and 9.2 channel audio preouts. A second main zone HDMI output is included to allow dual connection of multiple display devices like a projector and a flat screen. Connectivity for a third independently controlled zone is also a great feature now included. Analog audio and video inputs on the front panel are now included for even more easy access for external devices like games consoles, digital cameras and video cameras. 

The AVR-X5200W is a true all rounder, emphasizing audio quality as well as a whole host of features which are sure to satisfy even the most demanding user. Upgraded features over and above the AVR-4100W are 9 channels of amplification with 140W of power and DTS Neo:X 11 channel processing. Signal integrity is further enhanced with gold plated RCA and speaker terminals.

The AVR-X7200W tops out the range with all the great features above but with even more power, now up to 150W for all 9 channels. Additional audio enhancements like Bass Sync and 7.1 channel multichannel inputs really complete the feel of this high-end receiver.

Denon’s AV receivers have always provided great performance and features at competitive pricing. We’d be happy to demonstrate a model that suits your individual needs. Give us a call or visit us at either branch to arrange an audition for yourself.

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