Marantz 2015 AV receiver lineup


Marantz have recently completed the introduction of their 2015 lineup of AV receivers, just in time for our Christmas season. We’ve taken the highlights of the new models are condensed them into this article.

Starting with the NR1504 – this model continues from their 2014 lineup and has not changed at all. It’s a good entry-level model, but lacks a lot of the features that it’s bigger Marantz brothers have, like wi-fi capabilities, full 7-channel amplification and multi-room functionality.

Stepping up to the NR1605, you still get a sleek slimline unit, but packed with 7 channels of amplification to drive a decent set of home theatre speakers. It features full Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity with all associated benefits, like Airplay and the latest Spotify Connect. This model and other 2015 models feature a new Eco mode, which conserves energy when the amp is playing at normal volume levels, by reducing the transformers voltage without compromising on sound quality. The latest 4K displays and video content are also fully supported by the 8 x HDMI 2.0 inputs. HDMI 2.0 supports the very latest standards with the highest possible frame rate of 60Hz with 4x4x4 full RGB colour resolution. Video sources can now be accurately and independently calibrated with the new ‘ISF calibration ready’ ability. This allows each video source to be optimized and accurately calibrated by your installer.

The step up to the SR5009 gives you all of the features of the NR1605 but offers improvements in the following key areas. The physical size of the unit is now full size, power output is significantly increased to 180W (into 6ohms) with Marantz’s current feedback HDAM’s ensuring a powerful, yet controlled listening experience. Higher quality audio DAC’s are used for an improved audio experience and a second HDMI output is now included. There are more connectivity options including additional analog inputs, 7.1 channel analog inputs, 7.2 channel pre-outs and RS232 control.

The next step up to the SR6009 takes you up to a hefty 185W of power (into 6ohm) and a whole host of features including a 4K 60Hz video scaler to scale all video inputs to the highest resolution. It also includes the latest DTS Neo:X 7.1 audio processing. The trap-door design, taken from the top-of-the-range models, befits the quality of this receiver albeit at a lower price point. Real world features like a phono input as well as the ability to stream DSD files make this a great all-rounder.

Then right to the top-of-the-range SR7009, this receiver features 9 channels of 200w of amplification. It has nine HDMI 2.0 inputs and three HDMI 2.0 outputs. It features cutting edge technology audio processing including DTS’s Neo:X 11.1, Audyssey XT32 and Audyssey LFC. It is complete with 13.2 channel audio processing with all 13.2 channel pre-outs including independent subwoofer outputs. An easy to use multi-function LCD remote control, and the option of using the Marantz App allows you to easily tame this monster of an AV receiver.

Marantz have been near the very top of AV receivers and Blu-Ray players over the last few years, revealing as much detail and information from music and movie soundtracks as possible without having to step into the ultra-high-end price points. We’d be happy to demonstrate a model that suits your individual needs. Give us a call or visit us at either branch to arrange an audition for yourself.

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