Denon’s new FLAGSHIP AV Receiver, the AVR-X5200W has arrived in SA


Denon’s new FLAGSHIP AV Receiver, the AVR-X5200W has arrived in SA and we’re excited to receive this new ‘top-of-the-X Series’ receiver complete with 9 channel of powerful amplification, 11.2 channel processing and 13.2 channel preouts. The amplifier is a discrete monolithic amplifier with custom made Denon High Current Transistors (DHCT). It has dual Wi-Fi antennas and Bluetooth built-in, it is perfectly set for wireless connectivity, streaming and control. Spotify Connect, gapless playback capabilities and DSD streaming round off its smart network features. It has 8 HDMI inputs (including one on the front panel) it handles 4k 60Hz video content and even upscales video content to 1080p and 4k 60Hz resolutions. Now, with Dolby’s new Atmos processing, three HDMI outputs with advanced multi-source/multizone functionality and integrated Audyssey MultEQ XT32/LFC, this is a complete all-rounder pushing the boundaries of performance and features.

The AVR-X5200W has more than enough processing power to take full advantage of the latest Dolby Atmos format to run a more enveloping, Audyssey MultEQ XT32 calibrated 7, 9 or 11 channel Dolby Atmos configuration using ceiling mounted, or Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers (have a look at our Dolby Atmos article here for more information)

The AVR-X5200W has 8 HDMI inputs (1 on the front panel) and 3 outputs that all support the next-generation 4K displays. The third HDMI output is new for audio and video to a second zone, while the first two allow simultaneous output to split audio and video if necessary in the main zone.

Many portable devices are equipped with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and the AVR-X5200W’s built-in Bluetooth wireless technology lets you stream your favourite audio tracks from up to 8 Bluetooth enabled devices, such as smartphones, portable audio players and tablets. With the built-in Wi-Fi wireless technology, the AVR-X5200W connects to the internet through your home network, opening up a world of music from internet radio stations, as well as streaming subscription services like Spotify and Rhapsody. With AirPlay, you can enjoy listening to your tracks wirelessly from your portable iOS device, including iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. DLNA 1.5 certification lets you connect to your PC or Mac and some Android devices via your home network wirelessly for additional streaming capabilities. Our Denon Remote App lets you easily control the AVR-X5200W with your portable device, and is available for Apple and Android devices as well as the Kindle Fire.

With each channels output rated at a maximum power of 205 watts, the AVR-X5200W features a monolithic power amplifier design with Denon custom made transistors and identical circuit topology for all its 9 channels. The Eco Mode provides the ability to reduce overall power consumption and features an on-screen Eco Meter that lets you see the power consumption reduction effect. The Auto Eco mode automatically switches between normal and Eco modes, depending on the volume level chosen.

Audyssey MultEQ-XT32 / LFCis the most accurate room correction solution with more than ten thousand individual control points allowing finer details of the room’s problems to be captured and corrected. The ultra high-resolution filters are applied to all channels including the two independent subwoofers, with the most obvious benefit being heard in the low frequency range where correction is needed the most. Audyssey LFC uses psychoacoustic algorithms to prevent bass from passing your walls and disturbing your neighbours while maintaining the bass performance in the listening room. The AVR-X5200W is also Audyssey Pro ready for the most advanced professional room correction.

Please contact us for launch pricing and availability, as well as to set up a demonstration at our Menlyn or Sandton branches.

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