Bowers & Wilkins launches T7, its most portable wireless speaker yet


Bowers & Wilkins T7 combines Bluetooth wireless streaming with compact size, and rechargeable convenience with their legendary approach to high-quality sound. This is also the first commercial application of Bowers & Wilkins Micro Matrix™ technology. The result is Hi-Fi to go.

T7 is Bowers & Wilkins first Bluetooth speaker, and as with everything Bowers & Wilkins does, T7 is all about sound. The compact speaker features the first commercially available application of Bowers & Wilkins Micro Matrix technology. Derived from the Matrix Internal bracing used in the reference 800 Series Diamond loudspeakers found in Abbey Road Studios, and developed as part of Bowers & Wilkins next-generation automotive audio concepts. The Micro Matrix honeycomb structure provides substantial cabinet stiffening and a solid platform for the T7’s drive units.

T7 also uses two (patent pending) force-cancelling high-output bass radiators to extend low frequencies, which helps deliver staggering range, depth and richness. The T7’s two highly optimised 50mm drive units are the result of a very long evaluation process. A process undertaken by some of the very best listeners in the business: Bowers & Wilkins acoustic engineers. Plus the use of aptX Bluetooth ensures high-definition detail isn’t lost in wireless transmission when you stream directly from any Bluetooth-enabled PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Bowers & Wilkins products are always designed with simple interfaces, aiming to keep buttons and feedback to a minimum, while still supporting the essential use of the product. With T7 they took the user interaction a step further, and the easy-to-use yet unobtrusive controls are supported by a unique collection of audio cues developed in collaboration with Mira Calix, an international composer, artist, and performer who works with sound across a range of formats.

T7 is the most portable standalone speaker Bowers & Wilkins has ever produced. The size of a hardback book, it’s designed to be picked up and carried with you; and T7’s rechargeable battery gives you the freedom to take it with you wherever you go, for up to 18 hours at normal listening levels.

While T7 is compact, it’s reassuringly solid, with the heavy-duty stability you would expect of a high-quality speaker. The rubber surround adds protection and tactile quality, adding to the speaker’s distinctive, elegant design.

T7 feature overview

Micro Matrix – The distinctive honeycomb structure surrounding T7 isn’t just for show. Micro Matrix braces the speaker, reducing cabinet resonance for a cleaner, more precise sound.

Drivers – T7 uses two highly optimised 50mm drivers to ensure the highest quality of sound from the small enclosure. The driver diaphragm is made from glass fibre, the same material used in the Bowers & Wilkins award-winning Wireless Music Systems.

High-output bass radiator – T7 also uses two (patent pending) force-cancelling high-output radiators designed to provide impressive bass, even at top volume, without adding resonance or rattle. The result is more and better bass, from a smaller box.

Electronics – High-performance digital-to-analogue converters (DAC’s) ensure audio is as faithful as possible to the source material. Digital Signal processing ensures sound is controlled, whatever you’re listening to and no matter how loud. And two filterless class D amplifiers deliver smooth and open high frequencies, intelligible midrange frequencies and tight bass.

Bluetooth with aptX – Bluetooth wireless streaming is built into nearly every modern portable device – laptops, smartphones and tablets. And with aptX the Bluetooth listening experience is improved significantly by improving the transfer of data without affecting audio quality or introducing latency issues.

User interface – a pallet of unique audio cues developed in conjunction with composer, artist and performer Mira Calix supports a simple-to-use, intuitive user interface.

Play anywhere - A heavy-duty Lithium Ion rechargeable battery means you can forget about plugs and power sockets, T7 will go anywhere and everywhere.

The T7 is due to be available in our stores in early December 2014. Please contact us for launch pricing and availability at our Menlyn or Sandton branches.

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