Yamaha CX-A5000/MX-A5000 wins EISA Award Best HT High End product 2014-15


Yamaha’s flagship AVENTAGE powerhouse CX-A5000 and MX-A5000 launch Yamaha AV onto the next level. And we’re not the only ones saying that. Take EISA for example, the industry gurus who congregate annually to test and evaluate manufacturers new products, they unanimously decided the high-end Yamaha AV separates are this years winners in the “Best Home Theatre High End products for 2014-2015” category.

So we’ve gathered all the facts and figures and can tell you this in an amazing AV combination with state-of-the-art connectivity and features that even the most avid AV fan will struggle to even think about wanting more.

Starting with the AV processor, the CX-A5000 is an 11.2 channel preamp featuring all of the best the AVENTAGE range has to offer, including Ultra-high performance 192kHz/32-bit DAC’s which deliver up to a 124dB dynamic range with low distortion and noise levels. Getting the signal from the processor to the power amp with as little noise and interference as possible can only be done using balanced XLR connectors, and the CX-A5000 features a full set of XLR inputs and outputs to achieve this.

The CX-A5000 features 33 DSP Programs, including 10 originally developed for the much-loved Z11, so you will be able to enjoy the full potential of any source, no matter how old or new. Further AVENTAGE enhancements include Cinema DSP HD3, which expands the sound field more vertically for a more realistic three-dimensional sound stage. A high-rigidity chassis is used to minimize the effects of vibration and translates into a lower noise floor and enhanced audio performance. Lastly, but certainly not least of all, high quality parts are used to squeeze every last nuance of detail from the soundtrack and the visual stream. All of the above results in an audio and visual spectacular that is reproduced second-to-none.

It's partner, the MX-A5000 is a discrete 11 channel power amplifier perfectly matched to the CX-A5000. It boasts 150W (at 8ohm, full range, 2-ch driven) power output for all 11 channels with a phenomenally low THD of just 0.06%. The power amp design uses current feedback, which reacts in real-time and allocates additional power resources from channels not using their full allocation of power. The power amp intelligently allocates this unused power to channels demanding more especially in ‘power-hungry’ scenes and sound tracks. This is useful when you have lower-sensitivity speakers or when you're watching movies with a high dynamic range soundtrack. The amplifer seemingly cruises through these passages without fuss.

The flexibility of the MX-A5000 is even more apparent when you consider that the 11 channel power amp is configurable to use as 11 full range channels, or 5 bi-amped channels, or a bi-amped 2nd zone and another pair of speakers in a 3rd zone. The amplifier also benefits from the AVENTAGE ethos by using only the best components, like a high-output toroidal power transformer and two 27,000μF block capacitors to ensure abundant power delivery creating the all important ‘headroom’ all manufacturers are striving for. Finally, an ultra-rigid chassis, like the CX-A5000, ensures vibrations aren’t allowed to distort and affect the sensitive signal just before its amplified.

When Yamaha first introduced the AVENTAGE range in 2010, their goal was to provide an ultra-high performance range of components for their customers. This latest offering has fulfilled all our expectations and has once again delivered on what the AVENTAGE range stands for. We have them in both our Sandton and Menlyn branches, ready to literally blow you away.

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