HEOS by Denon – Anywhere Sounds Amazing


Launch the App, choose a room, pick a song and share the enjoyment with Denon audio quality – beautifully designed, easy to use speakers. It’s that simple!

The message from Denon is a simple one: Home entertainment should be accessible from any room in the house. So with the launch of the Denon HEOS multi-room, music systems, Denon have done exactly that. They’ve introduced an easy to use, wireless music system that is controlled from your iOS or Android device, offering owners a listening experience that promises to be nothing short of awesome. All controlled by a state-of-the-art App allowing owners to choose their music, room and volume with just a couple of screen taps, and stream it to any room or combination of rooms where they may decide to enjoy it. The entertainment possibilities are endless.
Advanced digital processing enables the HEOS systems to deliver unrivalled sound quality and clarity, and only using a home wifi network. The HEOS systems use dual band 802.11n Wi-Fi to maximise range and audio bandwidth, while also protecting against interference from household appliances, such as hands-free phones and microwaves.
Setting us your HEOS system couldn’t be easier, just download the App, plug in the HEOS device and the unit connects itself. That’s it! You’ll soon be soaking up your favourite tunes right then and there. You can also setup an instant connection to any suitably equipped room with a single tap, while our favourite “pinch to party” feature provides the ability to group individual rooms with one simple screen gesture (unlike the multiple steps needed with competing software) and the music just flows.
Another great feature is the great variety of music sources you have. A combination of USB and NAS playback means that you can enjoy music via online streaming, including cloud sources, from a whole range of mobile devices and even from some older sources.
And because we all have different sized rooms, Denon have created HEOS units in a large, medium and small range to compliment your room size: HEOS 7 for Larger rooms, HEOS 5 for Medium sized rooms and HEOS 3 for Smaller rooms. An optional range extender is also available should it be required.
Quality sound, good looks, versatility and ease of use, plus a great pedigree, all serve to position the Denon HEOS in the forefront of home entertainment products.

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