Marantz - the best stereo system 2014-2015


EISA awards Marantz PM8005 amplifier and SA8005 SACD-Player/USB-DAC - “the best stereo system 2014-2015”

Marantz, a world leader in advanced audio technologies is proud to receive this year’s EISA Award for the best stereo system 2014-2015, for its PM8005 Integrated Stereo Amplifier and SA8005 Super Audio CD-Player / USB-DAC. Both products incorporate the best of Marantz expertise and engineering from the company’s High-End Premium Range to produce the purest sound quality.

The EISA jury:

“Proving that stereo separates can still pack a host of functionality into a single chassis, Marantz's SA8005 SACD player is so much more than a simple 'disc spinner'. Not only does it breathe new life into plain vanilla CD but its full complement of digital inputs, including DSD‐compatible USB, ensures the SA8005 can form the hub of a cutting‐edge computer‐based music system. This player/DAC is ideally partnered by the PM8005 integrated amplifier, rated at 70W/8ohm and fitted with a MM phono input to further increase the versatility of the system as a whole. The slick and richly‐detailed sound of this combination is more than reminiscent of Marantz’s costlier Premium series – it’s an impressive blend of performance and value.”

The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) is a unique gathering of more than 50 special interest magazines from nearly 20 European countries forming the world’s most prestigious multimedia magazines association. Every year, the EISA Awards applaud the new products that combine the most advanced technology, the most desirable features, the ultimate expression of design, the most satisfying ergonomics and the greatest value for money.

The EISA award underlines Marantz’ total commitment to music. By continuously updating their stereo collection, Marantz strives to convey the true emotions of musicians by reproducing their music as faithfully as possible, just as they originally played it. The result, again, is a totally sublime combination that not only creates spectacular, earth-moving audio balanced with delicate minute detail but also includes on-board USB-DAC functionality for extreme versatility.

The recently launched Marantz NA-8005 Network Audio Player and DAC (Digital-analogue converter) perfectly adds on to the EISA award winners. The NA-8005 is engineered to reproduce a rich and full spectrum of sound from all of today’s popular music sources, including Internet radio, online streaming services, and all your mobile devices and home devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

This combination of SA-8005, PM-8005 and NA-8005 (amp, CD and network audio player) is definitely worthy of an audition. Speak to one of our consultants at either Sound & Image branch to arrange a demonstration of these superb components.