Marantz completes their 2014 stereo line-up with a versatile Integrated Amplifier with USB-DAC


In an ever increasing trend of incorporating more and more digital features into traditional analog products, we think Marantz might be onto a winner here. Introducing the PM7005.

We were all sad a few years ago to hear that the Marantz PM7003 was not going to replaced in the Marantz lineup. It had been a great seller for us, offering plenty of power and finesse in an integrated amplifier for not-break-the-bank-money. But it was only an integrated stereo amplifier with analog inputs, so it had limited functionality in today’s ever increasingly digital world.

Well, our excitement could not be contained when Marantz let us in on the PM7003’s soon-to-be-released replacement (albeit a few years later) – this time with plenty of digital features and some cool new technology only seen on really high-end CD players and DAC’s.

So to start with, the PM7005 is a 2-channel integrated power amplifier with enough analog inputs (6 including a phono input) to get almost all home analog components connected. It offers 80 watts of power, which knowing Marantz’s conservative power ratings (and remembering the capabilities of it’s predecessor), should be more than ample to drive the majority of speakers.

The PM7005 includes high-grade audio components, current feedback HDAMs and a high-speed instantaneous current power supply, all technologies used in their higher-end models to guarantee the best sound quality. It also comes with the same high grade speaker terminals used in the bigger PM8005 – trust us, these are possibly the best speaker connectors we’ve seen on an integrated amplifier at this price level.

This is where the PM7005 stands out: the new DAC-mode. You can now connect a digital source via optical or coaxial digital inputs as well as a USB-B port (yes, you can even connect your computer to the PM7005). You’ll then benefit from the Marantz’ high quality DAC (CS4398) and its proprietary HDAM-SA3 output stage for excellent audio performance.

The amplifier operates as a soundcard for the computer and the USB-B port works in asynchronous mode and is ‘bit-perfect’ to support not only 192kHz/24bits but also the DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz high-resolution audio. So all your digital music can be enjoyed in the best possible way.

All this digital talk doesn’t mean Marantz have ignored the sensitive analogue side of the amplifier. You’ll still benefit from their ‘Analog Amp’ Mode which switches off the digital section completely or the ‘Pure-Direct’ Mode, which disables the tone and balance controls for the purest analog audio you could imagine.

We’re convinced this is going to be a winner and we’re looking forward to be able to show you its capabilities soon. Indications are that it will be available in both black and silver-gold from the end of August 2014 onwards. Call our stores for pricing and more accurate availability.

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