Denon Releases New X-Series in South Africa


Denon recently launched their new X-Series in the USA and Europe, and finally it arrived in South Africa. Since its launch about 6 weeks ago the new Denon AVR-X2000 already earned the highly acclaimed What Hi-Fi 5 Star award.

Here follows the new line-up as well as their retail pricing.


Our AVR-X500 entry model already delivers the legendary Denon quality, with a high quality fully discrete 5-channel amplifier for powerful sound at 140W per channel. Next to its refined audio qualities, it shines with a lot of user-friendly improvements at an attractive price-point. Thanks to the front HDMI port, you can easily connect cameras, tablets or smartphones to enjoy audio and video footage. The very easy operation is guaranteed by an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), while a large character display offers best readability of the AVR’s display even from the couch distance. Clever quick select buttons let you choose your favourite content at the tip of a finger.

Specification and Pricing DENON AVR-X500


Connect the AVR-X1000 5.1-channel AV Receiver to a TV and Blu-ray disc player supporting 3D video and you’ll be able to experience an exciting 3D theatre with powerful surround sound. High sound quality is achieved by using discrete and specially sound tuned power amplifier stages. Audyssey's highly praised MultEQ-XT circuit helps to eliminate room errors very efficiently while preserving the signal quality. Then connect it to your network and enjoy audio streaming via AirPlay, listen to Internet radio or your Spotify playlists and play your entire music library from your PC or NAS because this unit is DLNA1.5 certified. Android devices are compatible to DLNA as well. This receiver also has a USB port where you can connect an iPod, iPhone, iPad or USB memory device and directly play digital music tracks from those devices in the superior sound quality that Denon is well known for. Setup is extremely easy as the AVR-X1000s new Setup Assistant guides you through the procedures for setting the language, speakers connections and other topics. All will be shown on your TV screen.

Specification and Pricing on DENON AVR-X1000


The AVR-X2000 owns a discretely constructed 7 channel amplifier delivering 150W per channel for your entertainment. The newly developed and carefully soundtuned power amp lets you enjoy surround sound in a new dimension. A comprehensive network feature range including AirPlay and Spotify plus a 4k and 3D video capability on board are only some of the reasons which make it the perfect solution to enjoy every sound, every source, every moment. The extended feature set makes this unit the center piece of your home entertainment system and all can be controlled nicely by the Denon Remote app for iOS or Android devices. Of course an easy to use remote comes with the unit and the Graphical User Interface (GUI) makes daily operation an easy task. The AVR-X2000 is even equipped with the multi-room audio function that provides pre-outs for a second zone or lets you assign 2 of the amplifier’s 7 channels to another room.

Specification and Pricing DENON AVR-X2000


The AVR-X3000 owns a discretely constructed 7 channel amplifier delivering 180W per channel for your entertainment. It offers unprecedented networking capabilities, flexibility, performance and reliability with a strong emphasises on "right out of the box“ ease of use. The receiver comes with a host of next-generation lifestyle features geared towards today’s "networked home". Most remarkably, the receiver has built-in AirPlay, DLNA and Spotify support for most convenient music streaming from your home and online music libraries. The high-performance I/P converter, scaling capabilities up to 4k resolution and 4k pass through functionality give you optimum picture quality from any of today's sources and the ones to come in the near future. The AVR-X3000 with its specially sound-tuned power amp and the 2 HDMI outputs (including one for an other zone) has been specifically designed to give you the ultimate experience in today’s state-of-the-art home entertainment by best in class audio performance.

Specification and Pricing on DENON AVR-X3000


The AVR-X4000 owns a discretely constructed 7 channel amplifier delivering 200W per channel for your entertainment. The full 9.2 processing capability for DTS-Neo:X and Audyssey DSX gives you room for future speaker system upgrades. The full network functionality, the ability for 4k video processing and the triple HDMI outputs join the unique Denon Link HD function, guaranteeing the ultimate in entertainment pleasure. The network capability covers AirPlay audio streaming from iDevices or iTunes, while DLNA certification gives direct access to network audio stored on PC / NAS. It is also equipped with Audyssey’s MultEQ-XT32 highest level room calibration system, Denons AL24 Processing Plus and Clock Jitter Reducer technology to dramatically improve sound quality. As another highlight, Audyssey LFC lets you enjoy perfect bass performance without disturbing your neighbours during late-night listening sessions. All safely protected by a nicely design solid aluminium front panel with trap door hiding additional connectors and control buttons.

Specification and Pricing DENON AVR-X4000

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