New Yamaha Aventage Line Up


The new Aventage line-up has come to Sound and Image, and as with the previous generation Aventage products it is spectacular. Yamaha has always been a trusted brand when it came to Home Theater experience, and with the new Aventage range this is still true.

The new line up consists of the following products:

Yamaha RX-A820 (replacing the Yamaha RX-A810)
Yamaha RX-A1020 (replacing the Yamaha RX-A1010)

Yamaha RX-A2020 (replacing the Yamaha RX-A2010)
Yamaha RX-A3020 (new flagship replacing the Yamaha RX-A3010)
What will the main changes be to the new Aventage line-up you may ask?

Firstly it will comply with the new 4K TV which will come in the near future. The new receivers will be able to upscale and pass-through all 4K signals to a 4K compatible TV.

Secondly, the power supply from the receivers got an upgrade, and though the rated watt output is unchanged from previous models, it does produce more amps and effectively gives more power to your speaker.

Thirdly, the network playback has been improved tremendously. The speed by which one can scroll through your music on the receivers’ media page is lightning fast, playback starts instantly. The volume gain and clarity can be distinctly heard over most dedicated “media player boxes” on the market. On a decent home network the Aventage receivers will work instantly with Yamaha Apps for Apple and Android, volume or source instructions taking milliseconds to respond.

All of the above mentioned receivers will have 2 HDMI ports out, but with a twist on the RX-A2020 and RX-A3020 models. They will have an assignable HDMI port for Zone 2, enabling you to run 2 HDMI sources to 2 different display sources at the same time.

And when it comes to performance, do not take our word for it, come and audition it for yourself at our Sound and Image branches.

These are hugely capable receivers with user friendly and usable features, performance as you will expect from a premium brand like Yamaha.

For pricing follow the links provided