New Marantz SR5007 available!


Marantz have recently launched an updated version of the award winning Marantz SR5006, and called it the Marantz SR5007 as one would expect. The Audio and Visual world is moving at a lightning fast pace and as we all know Marantz will not fall behind, they have been pioneers in the AV world.

So with this release Marantz showed that they are in tack with current technology trends due for release next year, more specific 4K capability and a better network playback experience.

Outside the 4K additions they also redesigned their user interface, which if you are able to see and read cannot make a mistake installing this unit. It has a brilliant user friendly interface.

Expect the above user interface and setup menu, showing you which speaker wire goes to which speaker terminal input.

Performance wise the Marantz SR5007 Receiver has exactly the same performance when it comes to power, but slight changes was made to the Input/Output design, for example S-Video I/O is no longer available. The SR5007 will also feature 7.2 Pre Outputs where the SR5006 had only a 2.1 Pre outputs. This will be beneficial when adding a Marantz MM7055 power amp to your speakers.

Furthermore, the new Marantz App for both Apple and Android was improved, be sure to update or download this for smooth playback from your Smartphone.

The Marantz SR5007 receiver will be available at our retail stores as well as on our online store.