Finally the B&W PV1D has arrived!!!


After almost a year in delayed shipping, the B&W PV1D has finally graced the store room of Sound and Image. The wait was terrible, that such a brilliant subwoofer could evade our customers for such a long time.  But for those who waited, we can assure you, the B&W PV1D is a phenomenal subwoofer which will be worth the wait and money.

Already winning multiple awards, the B&W PV1D is building upon the success of its predecessor. What HiFi already awarded it a 5 Star rating; this is what they had to say:
A brilliant sub that delivers the best precision and agility, the PV1D is a great addition to your system.

The B&W PV1D will have a slightly less powerful amplifier than the B&W PV1, but now features a DSP unit seen in its bigger brother, the B&W DB1, which more then just makes up for it. The 400watt PV1D makes use of intelligent software which communicates with the DSP unit to give optimal performance when setting up the subwoofer, which will leave you satisfied when listening to music or enjoying a thrilling movie.

Another feature will be presets to accommodate current B&W speaker ranges. These settings help to setup the subwoofer to its best potential with the appropriate B&W speaker.

We are excited to introduce the B&W PV1D to you, visit our shops at Menlyn and Sandton to witness this stunning piece of speaker art.