New Yamaha RX-Vx73 Receiver range


After massive success of the Yamaha Aventage series, Yamaha have surprised the market yet again. With the Aventage series being feature filled and mind blowing powerful, Yamaha cleverly shifted their entry RX-Vx71 range to a network enabled RX-Vx73 range.

The new Yamaha RX-V373 has few changes with the new addition of a front USB port for I-Pod and I-Pad use. The USB port on the front panel allows convenient connection, which also charges and connected. Because the digital signal from the I-Pod/ I-Phone is transmitted directly to the AV receiver, there is no signal loss or interference, so you enjoy the best possible sound quality. In addition, you can use the receiver's remote control unit to operate the I-Pod/I-Phone music playback functions.

The new Yamaha RX-V473 receiver will also have the front USB port, but here comes the twist. The RX-V473 will be fully network capable with Apple Airplay and App's for Android phones, ensuring that you will be able to enjoy your music right from your Smartphone. The RX-V473 will also be 4K capable which is not available on the market yet, ensuring the Yamaha RX-V473 will be future proof.

The Yamaha RX-V573 will have all the new benefits of the Yamaha RX-V473, but with an added 2 channels to make it a 7.1 receiver. The extra 2 channels can be used for an extra zone running separately from the main zone. 

The new range will boast with ECO-mode which will safe 20% power when it is switched on, and when it is switched on it will use virtually no power (between 0.1w - 2w (with network stand-by mode)).

Keep an eye on this blog for news on possible release dates for South Africa.