New KEF R Series...Gorgeous!!!


The KEF R-series is seeing the British speaker firm evolve their speaker line-up to something extraordinary. When the KEF Q-Series was introduced, KEF decided to let go of their unique cabinet design for something more traditional. Immediately the Q300 went to the top of the bookshelf market. Extraordinary sound, pin point accuracy, beautiful.

KEF Q300, Sound and Vision 2011 Winner
This, I believe was easing the market into the new R-Series, which will in time replace their current XQ range. Emphasis was placed on the design to make it look desirable, and they did a real good job at this. The Gloss finish is spectacular, Satin White option was also introduced, drop dead gorgeous!!!

The KEF R-Series is called by the manufacturer the "Junior Reference Series", explaining that in their opinion the KEF R-Series can almost equal their Reference Series's performance, but quickly added again "ALMOST". KEF used the technology gained from the KEF Blade (Voted best High End Speaker in the world by Sound and Vision Awards) to design the KEF R-Series, notable from the bass drivers and the improved Uni-Q driver. The Subwoofer design was directly taken from the KEF Blade. The drivers are mounted back-to-back, to create ‘force cancelling’. This means the opposing reactive forces are nullified.

The cabinet design was improved on the R-Series, this KEF says is one of the key reasons why the KEF R-Series can perform at almost the Reference Series levels. Cancelling all unwanted sounds like vibration and noise created by drivers moving have been greatly improved. Another fact to highlight is that the KEF R-Series has only 3-Way speakers with an exception of the KEF R-100 which will be a 2-Way bookshelf with a Mid/Bass unit. 

The New KEF R-Series will follow the same naming process as the KEF Q-Series namely:


KEF R-900
KEF R-700
KEF R-500


KEF R-300
KEF R-100

Centre Speaker

KEF R-600c
KEF R-200c


KEF R-800d


KEF R-400

The KEF R-Series will hit South Africa in 2 months time, but this might change and is not confirmed.