Bowers and Wilkins PV1-D arrival delayed!


It seems that we will all have to wait a little longer. Shipping of the PV1-D has been delayed and is due to arrive by the end of April 2012.

The PV1D is the replacement model for PV1 active subwoofer, a design that had been mastered back in 2004. As with the PV1D’s predecessor, the PV1D has a twin-driver design and it has adopted DSP (Digital Signal Processing) in order to optimise the overall performance - hence the addition of the ‘D’.

The DSP is accessible via an OLED display which also has a touch-button interface, conveniently mounted on the central band of the enclosure. Not only does the DSP increase the PV1D’s performace but it also allows for a degree of user-adjustable equalisation. This means that the PV1D can be adjusted to suit many different applications.

The PV1D’s drive units (2 x 20cm) and amplification (400w) have also been remodelled, and the result, says the company, is a subwoofer with all the speed and agility of its predecessor plus considerable additional bass extension.

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