Boston Acoustics: Soundware S5.1


Boston has reworked their award-winning SoundWare XS 5.1 system, into the Soundware S 5.1 system. This new system is “ultra-compact” and comes with greater acoustic performance as well a higher output in terms of power.

The system comes equipped with five 13cm x 13cm satellite speakers, available in either a high-gloss black or white finish. These satellite speakers also feature a ¾” dome tweeter as well as 3-1/2 mid-bass drivers.

The SW S5.1 has wall brackets with stylish coverings as well as rear-panel wire grooves, making setup easier.

The subwoofer is a 10-inch vented woofer that comes with a 200W (300W peak) amplifier, which features Boston Acoustics’ BassTrac circuitry. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the speakers do come with MagnaGuard magnetic shielding.

** Available in December 2011