Monitor Audio... Yes, We stock it!


“…Monitor Audio blends the performance you can hear with the design you’ll love so precisely that neither seems compromised. Across a range rich in its choice of style and application, our meticulous approach to quality, perfected over four decades, guarantees you great sound with a tonal accuracy that’s shared by every speaker. This means that with one clear voice we can answer the call for discreetly stylish life-like audio in every environment…”

“…Putting innovation into action requires enormous dedication and skill. For each new range we ask our engineers to capture more frequencies, invariably from smaller, glossier cabinets! This entails finding further ways to endow more compact designs with the fidelity of our flagship technologies. For any given cabinet volume Monitor Audio endeavours to go higher and deeper with less distortion than other brands. The extraordinary focus we apply to the quest for greater efficiency, accuracy and bandwidth from our speaker systems is unceasing and always reinvested…”

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