Boston Acoustics latest Series...


Boston has added a new series to their already impressive speaker collection. The A-series. These speakers are designed with the same principles that Boston has applied to all their speakers: The Play Smart approach – the same approach that they used with the first A-series back in the late seventies/early eighties. The joy of this means that music sounds as good as ever!

Boston Acoustic speakers are designed for flat octave to octave frequency response – all notes are produced with a consistent loudness, low distortion and high power handling - pumping out the full dynamic range whichever side of the scale (Loud to soft, soft to loud).

The A-series has a variety of elements that make this range completely different to it’s predecessor, the driver design has been remodelled, using electromagnetic as the base point, the sub-woofers use Deep Channel Design (DCD) magnetic structures which is optimised through the use of FEA software, literally opening up the room for the maximum woofer movement.

With all the A-series speakers, Boston used a distinct curved-cone design allowing for the smoothest frequency response that they could possibly give.

The cabinets are as critical as the software performing two critical acoustic functions, acting as a tuned chamber to magnify the woofers sound output and providing a clean acoustic baffle.

This series is bound to impress, it did in the eighties and it definitely will today.

-Information sourced from A-series White Paper: