3D touching down in home shortly!


Avatar now has a place in movie history as a film that has forever changed public consciousness of a technology. In this case, the technology is 3D. Like it or not, 3D is coming home, and James Cameron's blockbuster has made a majority of viewers aware of that.

The news came in a Retrovo Pulse survey of 1250+ randomly selected people in December and January. Before Avatar hit theaters, 39 percent of them were aware they'd soon have 3D at home (if they wanted it). After the movie became a sensation, that number rose to 60 percent.

However, don't jump to the conclusion that a majority of consumers are ready to spring for 3D. While the survey did record a jump in willingness to buy, from 27 to 32 percent, that still leaves two-thirds of consumers 3D-wary.

Courtesy: hometheatermag.com