Klipsch Going Green!


Loudspeaker manufacturer Klipsch is going green. It is amping up its green loudspeakers, and turning to solar power and other techniques to make its product line more energy-efficient. Klipsch is claiming that its horn-based loudspeakers use less power and produce more sound than other speakers.

The speakers are said to be able to produce three to six decibels more sound, using the same amount of power, compared to your standard loudspeaker. This is possible because with every three decibel increase in speaker sensitivity, the power must double. By incorporating a six decibel increase in sensitivity at no additional power consumption, the Klipsch speaker effectively cuts power consumption by 75%.

Klipsch is also considering adding solar panels to its Arkansas plant, and using finishes that have lower toxic emissions and other waste byproducts, in order to lessen the company’s overall impact on the environment.

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