Prepare for the Zeppelin Mini


Introducing Zeppelin - the ultimate iPod speaker system, brought to you by the makers of some of the most advanced hi-fi speakers in the world. With its breathtaking sound quality and stunning design features, Zeppelin really is the speaker your iPod has been waiting for.

There are two models in the family to choose from. The original Zeppelin has become a modern design classic - the ideal all-in-one sound system for any space and occasion. And now there's also the streamlined Zeppelin Mini, perfect for when you want a big sound in smaller spaces. Whichever Zeppelin you pick, you can be sure that your digital music will never quite sound the same again.

A great iPod speaker system deserves fantastic music to play. At the Bowers & Wilkins Society of Sound you can download better than CD-quality music that will sound amazing on either Zeppelin or Zeppelin Mini. Sign up for a free trial, and you’ll receive a six-track sampler to really show off your speaker’s true potential. Members receive an album a month, plus access to an ever-increasing high-quality musical archive. Click here to find out more.

To read the latest news about Zeppelin and Zeppelin Mini visit the Bowers & Wilkins Blog. They’ll keep you updated about new reviews, awards, and any firmware updates that are available. You can also post your thoughts on Zeppelin and Zeppelin Mini, and have some fun letting us know what music sounds best on your speakers. Click here to sign up.

The Zeppelin mini will be launched in South Africa in January 2010 - priced at +/- R3999.