Rotel RCD1072 CD Player


Was R12300 - Now R6490

The RCD-1072 proves conclusively that cost-conscious high performance in a single disc CD player is still available. Utilizing circuit configurations originally developed for Rotel's reference-class components, this affordable unit redefines your sonic expectations. The segmented power supply features a large toroid transformer for minimal power supply "sag" as well as reduced hum emissions. High quality rectifiers, tight tolerance voltage regulation, and low-ESR storage capacitors make sure that all circuits always operate as their designers intended. The critical analog stage uses meticulously selected parts in a "minimalist" circuit environment to insure the finest sound quality. The RCD-1072 uses the same over-scan disc mechanism once reserved only for premium priced players. The remarkable new Burr-Brown PCM-1732 IC provides advanced digital filtration, HDCD decoding, and precise D/A conversion. A coaxial digital output supplements the high current analog outputs. A high-density FL display, complete programming capability, remote control, and a 12-volt trigger complete the picture.

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