Harman Kardon Stereopower BK


WAS R15500 - NOW R14900

HK 970
Stereo Integrated Amplifier

Two-channel music reproduction is the toughest test of an audio component, and Harman Kardon's HK 970 passes with flying colours. The ultimate combination of modern design and time-proven concepts, the HK 970's high-current amplifier delivers serious power that is more than the match for even the most demanding loudspeaker loads. The end result is lively, dynamic sound that is a true representation of the original performance. While others deliver inflated specifications, the HK 970 delivers sound performance.

HD 970
Single disc CD player with CD Text

Imagine the best, and make it better. That is Harman Kardon's approach to building a CD player that simply has no equal. Optimized for precision CD playback, the HD 970 combines the third generation of our Real-time Linear Smoothing technology (RLS-III) with a high performance digital-to-analog converter to deliver spacious, richly detailed sound that multi-purpose machines simply cannot deliver. If you appreciate music, you'll love the HD 970.

TU 970

Digital entertainment, all day long. With Digital Audio Broadcasting capability, this high-quality tuner delivers more stations and offers pure, distortion-free, CD-like sound, while providing useful radio and data services. Combining ease of use with interference-free reception, Harman Kardon's TU 970 features the newest digital technologies from one of the oldest hi-fi names.

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