New Samsung 7 Series


Entertainment Innovation
The picture quality of the SAMSUNG SERIES 7 is unparalleled. Through the development and use of advanced, innovative technologies you can enjoy entertainment that transcends the boundaries of conventional TV and allows you to access higher plains of pleasure. Precise, Full HD images are presented with immaculate detail and open your eyes to a new world of wonder.

  • New Media Experience.

  • Contents Library : Preloaded content HD image slide show, useful information & instruction, and fun games.

  • WISELINK Pro : Enjoying video files as well as pictures and music directly through the TV.

  • DLNA : Watching multimedia content stored in your PC on your TV.

  • Distinctive, stunning & inspiring design.

  • Mystical color hues of black & red with transparence.

  • Elegant crystal silhouette enriching the Crystal design.

  • Natural & fluid expression of motion.

  • No blur in fast moving scenes & No judder when you watch movies.

  • Clear scrolling text on the bottom of screen.

  • Higher black visibility, Clearer clarity.

  • More compelling clarity with dramatically black panel.