Boston Horizon Review



Looking for a stylish Floor stander, that is just at home doing a Superb Stereo reproduction as it is enthralling you with Crystal clear and Rich Home Theater Surround Sound? Look no further than the New Boston Horizon Speaker Range! There are two Floor standing Models to choose from with the only real difference being the size of the housing cabinets and the driver size and sensitivity. For the surround folks your are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing from three bookshelf's and five Sub woofers and one center Speakers to match your needs and your budget! All in all the Boston's are lively speakers with a precise tweeter and a well balanced mid range and excellent base control which is really responsive. I feel the Boston works really well with pretty much any genre of music and is adept in its quality reproduction. Not only do they sound great but your better half will be able to colour code the speakers grills to the house interior! [Photo] Great Styling, Great Sound Quality, Great Product !