Marantz KI Ruby integrated amplifier and SACD player - 1 collectors set left!


How to better celebrate your 40th anniversary than by developing a limited edition line! That’s what Ken Ischiwata must have thought while designing the new KI Ruby SACD CD-player and integrated amplifier. After forty years working for Marantz he well deserves his own premium line-up don’t you think? Off course these two hi-end devices are the renewing his last special edition that was released upon his previous anniversary with the company 10 years ago. 

Both the PM-KI RUBY Integrated Amplifier and the SA-KI RUBY Super Audio CD Player will only be in production for 1 years with only 500 units being produced of each model. That’ll be an extra motivation for the real collectors! Both models feature a ruby red colour finish along with Ken Ishiwata’s signature laser etched into the front panel.

Marantz PM-KI RUBY Integrated Amplifier
The PM-KI RUBY Integrated Amplifier features a fully discrete two-stage design with separate power supplies for the pre-amplifer and power amplifier. Also, the units features a moving coil and moving magnet phono stage complete with Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ circuit and Marantz HDAM technology for signal purity and exceptional audio quality. Building on its analogue-only connectivity are six RCA inputs and two outputs, along with a 6.3mm front panel headphone output, while Marantz’s proprietary HDAM (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module) technology and copper-plated chassis are familiar inclusions on the spec sheet.

Marantz PM-KI RUBY Specifications:
• Engineered and extensively tuned legendary Marantz sound master Ken Ishiwata and his team, drawing on more than 65 years of Marantz amplifier design knowledge
• Marantz high-resolution preamplifier stage with proprietary HDAM technology
• Switching power amplifier design derived from flagship PM-10 amplifier
• Generous output: 100W + 100W (into 8ohm), 200W + 200W (4ohm)
• Fully-discrete, two-stage design for signal purity, with separate power supplies for preamp and power amplifier sections to reduce interference
• Toroidal transformer dedicated to preamp for clarity and powerful sound
• Current feedback design with newly-developed wide-range circuitry
• HDAM® SA3 circuitry for clean signal and optimal dynamics • MM/MC Phono input with new discrete Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ circuit
• Thick nickel-plated copper independent input terminals for CD and Phono, plus Marantz-original high-quality/high-purity copper-plated speaker terminals
• Linear volume control with new electric volume system
• High-quality construction with double-layer chassis, 5mm thick
aluminum top lid, solid aluminum front and copper-plated chassis • High-grade, carefully selected audio parts: ultra-low leak current Schottky diodes, low noise complementary transistors, high-grade resistors, newly developed custom electrolytic capacitors, audio grade film capacitors and mica capacitors.
• Laser-engraved Ken Ishiwata signature and Ruby motif, marking Ishiwata’s 40-year Marantz legacy

Marantz SA-KI RUBY Super Audio CD Player
The SA-KI RUBY SACD Player is built with much of the same high quality components and design as the flagship SA-10 SACD Player. The new disc mechanism is digital and built from the ground up to satisfy even the most die hard audiophiles featuring SACDM-3’, for SACD, CD and CD-ROM playback. . The SA-KI Ruby includes an asynchronous USB input that handles formats up to PCM / DXD 384kHz/32bit and DSD11.2MHz. Optical and coaxial inputs and outputs, and a USB type-A input, are also included on the rear panel.

Marantz SA-KI RUBY Specifications:
• Marantz- proprietary SACD/CD mechanism “SACDM-3” designed purely for audio
• Playback of SACD/CD and compilations on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM
• Asynchronous USB input for hi-res audio up to PCM/DXD 384kHz/32bit and DSD11.2MHz
• Isolation of USB and digital inputs to block noise from connected sources
• Innovative Marantz Musical Mastering “MMM-Stream” up-sampling to DSD and filtering
• Custom-designed 1-bit direct “MMM–Conversion” from DSD to analog
• New analog output stage with Marantz HDAM-SA3 technology and low impedance output
• Power supply with toroidal transformer
• Dedicated headphone amplifier with all-discrete HDAM-SA2 construction
• Laser-engraved Ken Ishiwata signature and Ruby motif, marking Ishiwata’s 40-year Marantz legacy
• Engineered and extensively tuned by legendary Marantz sound master Ken Ishiwata and his team, drawing on more than 35 years of Marantz expertise in CD players

The PM-KI Ruby integrated amplifier and SA-KI Ruby SACD/CD are collectors’ items and we have only one of these special edition packages left in our Menlyn S&I store. This premium package sells at R154 000.

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Because Music Matters, the Pm-KI Ruby and the SA-KI Ruby carry the tradition of delivering a best-in-class listening experience for music and cinema.

Denon AVRX2500H 7.2 Channel Home Theatre Receiver with HEOS 1 HS2 FREE !!


Sound & Image have launched a Heritage Day promotion – Buy a Denon AVRX2500H 7.2 Channel Home Theatre Receiver and receive a HEOS 1 HS2 FREE !!

Lets unpack this promo –

Denon's AVR-X2500H

Denon's AVR-X2500H brings movie soundtracks to life with heart-pounding realism, thanks to decoding for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. This 4K-compatible receiver upscales HDMI video sources so you can enjoy more of your video content in stunning Ultra High Definition. You can expand your system with two HDMI outputs for watching the same video source on two different screens, plus wired and wireless options for playing music in different rooms.

What the experts have to say –

”Ample detail is delivered with delicacy. Voices have a natural warmth, and there’s a spring in this amp’s step that means surround effects are steered with agility and precision around the room.” Sound & Vision magazine

"Five-star products don’t take long to reveal themselves, and our decision on the Denon AVR-X2500H was straightforward in the end." What Hi-Fi?

"With the Denon AVR-X2500H you get a very complete receiver that offers a lot for its price. The inclusion of the HEOS platform and support for Airplay 2 make it a strongholder in terms of streaming and music. It is also a very user-friendly device, thanks to that clever interface from Denon." Home Cinema Magazine

Denon HEOS HS2 Wireless Speaker 

The Denon HEOS HS2 Wireless Speaker is designed to be as portable as possible without losing any of the sound quality. The HEOS 1 HS2 includes the much anticipated built-in Bluetooth connection as well as support for High Resolution Audio. It's small and humidity-resistant, so it goes pretty much anywhere in your house— including the bathroom. You can play music wirelessly through Bluetooth or connect to your Wi-Fi network for access to Denon's HEOS whole-home music system. You can stream music from a ton of different services. The HEOS HS2 Wireless Speaker is one of the most versatile wireless speakers we carry.

What the experts have to say –

"The HEOS HS2 is a strong wireless speaker with ample functionality and sound quality that challenges much of the competition." What Hi-Fi

"The Denon HEOS HS2 offers a rugged design and a great feature set to users who want the flexibility of both multiroom music and optional Bluetooth portability. Its build quality is superb, and sound quality is pretty punchy." CNet

"If you’re looking to invest in a good value multi-room audio system that can handle virtually all streaming services and file types – including the very best in hi-res lossless audio – you’ll not find much better than the updated Denon Heos HS2." Pocket-lint

There you have it audiophles- this combo is user friendly and delivers great music quality from literally unlimited music sources in any room, wirelessly. 

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Monitor Audio Silver 200 Speakers


The award winning Silver 200 elevates performance to a new level delivering the best possible sound. The Silver 200’s sleek appearance makes it a truly compact and attractive floorstander, blending audiophile performance with lifestyle proportions. A pair of Monitor Audio’s unique 5¼-inch C-CAM bass drivers share the duties of delivering bass and mid/bass. Configured as a two-and-a-half way system both electrically and acoustically, you will be amazed at the magical sound quality that this slimline can produce in your home.

The two bass drivers operate in separate acoustic chambers within the enclosure to provide differential tuning and are divided optimally with crossovers to ensure both bass drivers contribute to the lower frequencies. This ensures only the mid-range crosses over with the tweeter and results in a consistent and precise image, on and off axis. This configuration delivers performance approaching a three-way design whilst ensuring higher efficiency and extended low frequency, yet in a smaller cabinet.

The drive units are constructed with massive magnetic systems capable of deep bass extension. The low-frequency response has been engineered to provide smooth roll-off without exhibiting any of the usual ‘overhang’, meaning that the Silver 200 can be sited close to a wall and provide the ideal blend of domesticity and blazing performance. Diminutive for a floorstander, this model is no slouch. The Silver 200 is a serious audiophile speaker with amazing drive and incredible musicality. The engineering challenge was to create a smaller box with bigger sound; with the Silver 200, Monitor Audio achieves that goal so that you can enjoy your music and films with convincing realism.


  • Two-and-a-half-way, three-driver configuration
  • Differentially-tuned acoustic system means high efficiency with powerful low-frequency extension
  • New 25mm C-CAM, (Ceramic-Coated Aluminium/Magnesium) tweeter featuring vented Neo magnet system optimised for lower distortion and cleaner sounding highs
  • New 5¼-inch bass and 5¼-inch bass/mid drivers with ‘dished’ C-CAM cone profile for better damping and improved mid-range clarity
  • RST Cone profile for improved diaphragm rigidity and lower distortion
  • Unique-build ring/voice coil-cone coupling mechanism (DCF) optimised to reduce high-frequency cone break-up and increasing the critical voice coil circumferential rigidity
  • Cast polymer driver chassis design for improved rigidity and damping characteristics
  • HiVe II port technology means better transient response and tighter bass, due to smoother airflow
  • Pureflow silver-plated OFC copper internal cabling for the highest quality transfer through the signal chain
  • High-quality crossovers utilising premium grade, bespoke polypropylene film capacitors, air-core and low-loss laminated steel-core inductors results in maximum signal transfer
  • Rigid 20 mm MDF construction utilising scientifically optimised cabinet bracing
  • Single bolt-through driver technology providing increased bracing strength, rigidity and driver/baffle de-coupling
  • Ultra low-profile grilles featuring invisible magnetic grille fixings for clean visual styling when fitted
  • High-quality crossovers with premium-grade polypropylene film capacitors throughout
  • Bespoke, high quality bi-wire terminals
  • Terminal panel located at floor level for easy termination and neat cable access
  • Out-rigger feet (spiked, or rubber for hard flooring) provide attractive appearance while taking up less floor space

S&I Verdict - The Monitor Audio Silver 200 is a serious audiophile speaker with amazing drive and incredible musicality. It is an elegant floorstanding loudspeaker that sounds as good as it looks. You will begin to rediscover your music and film collection as you’ve never heard it before.

Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1080 unveiled


Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1080
7.2-channel home theatre receiver with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, and MusicCast compatibility

Are you a movie and music lover who wants to get the most out of your home entertainment? The Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1080 will bring you all of the excitement you have been missing. The 7.2-channel AV Receiver has all of the features you want in a home theatre receiver. Yamaha RX-A1080 Aventage is a 7.2-channel AV receiver with enhanced sound quality, high power and exceptional functionality. It offers the ability to add wireless surround speaker/s via MusicCast 20 or MusicCast 50 alongside Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support.

High-Res Audio
WIth the Yamaha RX-A1080 you will hear music exactly as the artist intended -- clear and powerful. This receiver can play a variety of high-resolution audio formats from a USB storage device or your computer over WiFi. From the sound of a singer’s breaths between verses to the tap of a drum stick on a hi-hat, hi-res audio lets you hear every detail.

DAB/DAB+ Tuner
Digital Audio Broadcasting capability, with DAB and the enhanced DAB+, offers a large selection of radio stations with high sound quality. Other benefits include automatic selection of available stations from a convenient list, and helpful information display, including station name and music genre.

Plenty of Inputs and Outputs
The Yamaha RX-A1080 is designed to help you get more from all of your home audio. This AV receiver features component video inputs, composite video inputs, digital audio inputs, optical and coaxial, analog stereo inputs and a phono input for connecting a turntable. It also features enough. It even has enough HDMI output for you to watch two separate video sources at the same time.

Eco Mode
This special 'AV Setup Guide' app assists you with cable connections between the AV receiver and source devices. Additionally, it guides you through various settings such as speaker connections, TV and source device connections and power amplifier assignments. When ECO Mode is turned on it can reduce power consumption by about 20 percent, thanks to an advanced energy saving design.

MusicCast Multi-Room Audio
MusicCast Wireless Speakers allow you to enjoy the sounds of your RX-A1080 throughout your entire home. This AV receiver wirelessly connects to MusicCast speakers so you can stream music from your mobile devices, internet radio, and streaming services and TV. The free MusicCast Controller app lets you control the audio right from your smartphone or tablet.

Easy Setup
Whether you live in a cavernous mansion or cozy apartment you can rest easy knowing you won’t need a degree in acoustic engineering to get started with your RX-A1080. This Yamaha receiver features YPAO Sound Optimization. This technology analyzes your room and automatically makes acoustic adjustments to compensate for factors that impact your sound. The result is crystal clear audio performance no matter where you use your Yamaha receiver.

Quality Components
The AVENTAGE RX-A1080’s beauty isn’t skin deep. Sure it is stylish, but it's designed to enhance your listening experience. A SABRE ES9007S Premier Audio DAC receiver produces professional quality digital audio. Anti-Resonance Technology reduce vibrations so you won’t hear any distracting noise when you crank the volume. The aluminum front panel shields the internal circuitry from external noise and electronic radiation.

Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth
Stream Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Apple Music or just about any other app with audio using the RX-A1080's built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Sit back and listen as Yamaha’s Compressed Music Enhancer ensures all of your streaming files are clear and powerful. You have never heard music sound like this.

Product highlights
  • 7.2-channel Audio/Video Receiver 
  • 110-watts at 8 ohms
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X deliver 3D Sound
  • YPAO speaker calibration makes setup a breeze
  • Built-in phono input
  • Amazon Alexa voice control compatible
  • 4K Ultra HD pass-through and upscaling
  • MusicCast multi room streaming
  • Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi

S&I Verdict - The Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1080 brings out the best in your movies and music, delivering crystal clear sound with rich detail.  The RX-A1080 is a true home audio powerhouse.

Klipsch All Weather Outdoor Speakers


Spring is around the corner and it’s a great time to get you outdoor sound sorted out before your first spring braai. Klipsch has fantastic outdoor speakers that can make your patio/balcony and garden the envy of all your friends.

The Klipsch AW-525 and AW-650 all-weather loudspeakers were designed for customers who expect great sound in the great outdoors. Upholding the same high-quality standards as their indoor products these full-range model deliver a level of performance that's like nothing you've heard in an outdoor speaker before. These all-weather loudspeakers bring clean clear dynamic Klipsch quality performances to patios, terraces, balconies, gardens, or poolsides. And because it's so efficient you get much more sound per watt enabling this full-range model to work well in wide-open spaces.


The AW-650 is Klipschs’ top of the line non-commercial grade outdoor speaker, and it is indeed one of our favourite outdoor speakers currently on the market.

·      Paintable UV-resistant ABS enclosure with rustproof aluminum grille
·      High sensitivity and power handling
·      90º x 90º Tractrix® Horn tweeter for clean clear highs
·      Supplied with C-style mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware
·      3/8"-16 threaded insert for optional mounts
·      frequency response 70-20,000 Hz (±3dB)

Make it sound great says - If you’re looking for HiFi quality speakers that are intended to last for several years or more, these speakers may very well be the best choice.

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The AW-525 all-weather loudspeaker brings clean clear dynamic Klipsch quality performances to patios, terraces, balconies, gardens, or poolsides. 

·      Paintable UV-resistant ABS enclosure with rustproof aluminum grille
·      High sensitivity and power handling
·      90º x 90º Tractrix® Horn tweeter for clean clear highs
·      Supplied with C-style mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware
·      3/8"-16 threaded insert for optional mounts
·      frequency response 80-20,000 Hz (±3dB)

Cruchfield says - Do you want clear sound in your garden, on your patio, or by your pool? Check out the Klipsch® AW-525. These speakers don't need a huge amplifier to give you great coverage in open outdoor areas. That's because they feature a high sensitivity rating, which measures how loud a speaker plays with a given amount of power.

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The Klipsch AW-525 and AW650 are outdoor speaker that promise to be true to the Klipsch name in quality. We highly recommend these outdoor speakers. Pop in to an S&I near you to check them out, you Summer will never be the same with these on your patio.

Available in white or black finish.

Ortofon Celebrates 100 Years with MC Century Anniversary Edition


Industry news!!!! A CENTURY OF ACCURACY IN SOUND- A newly developed Anniversary moving coil cartridge, the Ortofon MC Century coming soon.

In October 2018 Ortofon will celebrate 100 years of business in audio industry. Reaching 100 years is an accomplishment that Ortofon wants to celebrate. Ortofon is set to release a new flagship moving coil cartridge to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary.

The new MC Century exemplifies the current state of the cartridge art, Ortofon claims.
The MC Century represents the absolute top of Moving Coil cartridges. This state of the art product is truly exemplary of the highest degree of performance possible in contemporary analogue playback technology.

The MC Century represents numerous Ortofon design elements and ideals:

  • The housing and the body of the cartridge are made in Titanium with SLM technique
  • High performance iron-cobalt alloy is applied for some parts of the magnet system.
  • The armature damping system provides complete elimination of unwanted resonance.
  • Ortofon Replicant 100 diamond, thin and light, with an extraordinarily large contact surface, tracing accuracy unparalleled by any other needle in existence.
  • The crystal structure and exceptional hardness of the new Diamond cantilever ensures the best possible interface between the stylus and the armature.
  • The combination of Nude Ortofon Replicant 100 diamond on Diamond cantilever provides extremely responsive and transparent sound reproduction.
  • Key stats include an output voltage of 0,2 mV, an internal impedance of 6 ohms, and a recommended load impedance of >10 ohms. The Century MC weighs in at 15 grams 

At S&I we like to keep abreast with industry news. When combined with Ortofon’s world-class knowledge in analogue sound reproduction, the new MC Century will undoubtedly provide sound which is literally unsurpassed and simply has to be experienced. 

The perfect Home Cinema


Many of us are used to the big screen experience, whether at the movies or a friend’s house, so it’s no surprise that more people than ever are excited at the prospect of including a home cinema as part of their home projects.

Sound & Image can help you ‘fill’ a dedicated room with the best audio visual equipment to deliver all of this entertainment – somewhere the family can come together and take an evening to unwind from their busy lifestyles.

As a Home Cinema, it’s vital you get everything right when it comes to the equipment. Decide on a suitable sized TV or even a projector. You don’t have to choose a humongous screen for effect – make sure it is in proportion to the room, and where you will be seated. Once you’ve decided on the screen, it’s time to move on to the next vital element of the home cinema experience – the SOUND.

Our Home Cinema suggestions -

Receiver –

Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1070

7.2-channel home theater receiver with Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, MusicCast, and Dolby Atmos®

If you love movies as much as you love music, you need a receiver that lets you get the most out of both. Yamaha's AVENTAGE RX-A1070 has plenty of cutting-edge features, backed by expert construction for exceptional performance and high-quality sound. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X bring movie soundtracks to life with incredible realism. This receiver lets you enjoy 4K Blu-rays and streaming content on up to two compatible displays. The RX-A1070 can play different high-resolution audio formats through the front-panel USB port or from a networked computer. And if you're into vinyl, a phono input provides an easy connection for your turntable.

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Floorstanding Loudspeaker –
Bowers & Wilkins 684 S2

The 684 S2 floorstanders will be easy to integrate into any room. At 160mm wide, they’re slimmer than previous incarnations, which will be a blessing if space is tight, while their classic straight lines, painted baffles and black grilles provide the right blend of elegance and neutrality. The 684 S2 offers an amazing combination of floorstander power, audio performance and unbeatable value.

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Subwoofer -

Bowers & Wilkins ASW610xp

The subwoofer offers more customisation than most others, allowing you to find the right bass balance and compensate for resonant rooms. There are volume controls for line and speaker inputs and low-pass frequency control, plus switches for low-pass filter Bass Extension, EQ and phase. Inputs include speaker level binding posts and left/right line-level inputs. Ultra-solid construction delivers slamming bass, drum kicks, and special movie effects. Deformation is minimised; bass precision, power and enjoyment are maximised.

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Centre Channel –

Bowers & Wilkins HTM61 S2

The perfect partner for the 684 S2 in a commanding home theatre system, this true three-way centre speaker features two 6.5-inch drivers, an FST midrange and a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter. The perfect partner for the 683 S2 in a commanding home theatre system, this true three-way centre speaker features two 6.5-inch drivers, an FST midrange and a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter.

The HTM61 S2 features a Decoupled Double Dome tweeter, ideal for delivering the clarity needed for dialogue. The double dome enhances rigidity without adding weight, for a more precise response, while decoupling the tweeter from the main enclosure removes unwanted resonances and vibration. The result is absolutely clear.

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In-ceiling speakers –

Bowers and Wilkins CCM663 6inch In Ceiling Speaker

The Bowers & Wilkins CCM663 in-ceiling speaker was built to blend in with surroundings while playing standout sound. This high performance speaker features an innovative design for enhancing frequency reproduction. The thin frame and elegant appearance, make it suitable for any room. The bass/midrange driver’s die-cast chassis provides extra rigidity which results in a cleaner, faster bass, and a three-position EQ switch for a better off-axis response. The Kevlar cone is well hidden behind the grille but still produces a remarkably clear and dynamic sound.

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To get the best possible home theatre equipment, you need to stick with the best brands in the industry. The right audio visual equipment make all the difference, taking the room from a normal lounge TV viewing to an awesome cinematic experience. Pop in to S&I and let us help you make sure you make quality investments to stand the test of time, this will ensure you have a home cinema worth spending time in.